Thursday, October 22, 2009

Climate Action Day - October 24

Doug Nadler, a long-time member of GABP has asked that we help him promote the
Climate Action Day march and demonstration and festivities in Collingwood October

    On October 24 at 3:50 PM join Georgian Triangle Earth Days Celebrations,
Collingwood Music Festival and the Nagata Shachu Taiko Japanese Drumming
Ensemble as we start our walk for Climate Action on Hurontario Street at the
Loblaws supermarket and make our way south up Collingwood's main street. We will
be giving out flyers to people urging them to work together to lower greenhouse
gas emissions to 350ppm in our atmosphere. Also, we will be asking the Canadian,
Ontario and municipal governments to do more to stop global warming.

    Postcards to our Prime Minister, urging his government to ACT NOW on climate
mitigation, will be distributed- no postage stamp required.

     Since youth will be most affected by climate change in the next 30 years, they
will play an important part in the walk. Our banner will be held by many
people. A photo will be taken of our group at the end of the march; we'll be in
the shape of 350. For those who wish to get back to the start of the march ,
where you left your cars or bicycles, a van or the Collingwood biobus will will
take you back at 6 PM.
    From 5 PM to 6 PM there will be educational and fun activities for all age
groups. David Lawless, a youth delegate from the recent September UN Climate
Conference in Geneva, will speak about climate change and ACTION to youth at
5:30 PM.  The concert starts at 7:30 PM.

    We are working with people from Collingwood, Barrie, Orangeville, Thornbury,
Meaford and Owen Sound. Please participate and be the change. Humans and other
species need to return to a safe planet.

    At 7:30 PM the Drumming Ensemble will give a concert and dedicate some music to
this important Day for Climate Action. There will be Nature displays in the
foyer of New Life Brethren Church (28 Tracey Lane & Hurontario Street), where
the concert will be taking place. People under 35 (those who are to be most
affected by climate change) who attend the walk in the afternoon can come to the
concert for free- free passes will be given out at the end of the march!
    Please see and for
more information.

    We are encouraged to hear that the other Collingwood 100 Mile Green Meal
is pleased to support the 3:50 PM walk for climate ACTION.

    In order to have a large turnout, we will be spending the next few weeks before
October 24 giving the power point slide show that has on its website as
a launch for further discussion in schools, libraries and other community
centres. For example, Collingwood Library is having a 350 slide presentation on
Saturday October 17 at 2PM. The presentation will look at how a target of 350
parts per million of CO2 encompasses many directions for civilization and a
return to a stable holocene era.  As well, the Library is giving out our 350
flyer as book marks when you take out a book. Please join us and help us make a
banner at the Library!

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