Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chatsworth/Georgian Bluffs Biodigester

Went to the information meetign at Keady Community Centre regarding the thinking behind and planning of the biodigestser.

The municipalites are putting up local taxpayers money along with the 2 million plus from the federal and provincial governments. The local councils are keen because they are confident the project will be profitable (meaning that it will cover operating and maintenance costs at least) through the selling of electrical power into the grid.

The plan is sensible-the lagoon is already there, being used to handle about 25 cubic metres of septage per day from Sunset Strip and other sources. The capacity is about 50; the new system is designed to come closer to that capacity, and the lagoon is always there as a back-up in case of technical problems.

This will be the first system using septage along with some kind of chopped organic matter (corn stover, canola straw or suchlike). Assuming it will work, it will be an important step towards a better solution to the processing of household septage in Ontario.

Bill C.