Saturday, April 24, 2010

GABP's next 20 years - Please help us

In 1989, the province of Ontario was under siege by unplanned development. The province had implemented a planning regime where municipalities had to have Official Plans, that reflected provincial policies, in order to make their own planning decisions. Unfortunately, municipalities frequently ignored their Official Plans, and the advice of professional planners, and made many unwise planning decisions. To many citizens of Grey County, it seemed their planning committees ignored the Official Plans more often than they followed them.

On November 18, 1989 citizens from across Grey County came together in Flesherton to form a land use planning group with a goal to work with municipal politicians to develop a county plan that would be agreed on by all and implemented. The first board of Grey Association for Better Planning met on January 27, 1990. (GABP was incorporated as a not-for-profit body in the Province of Ontario on Feb. 12, 1990). Its member comprised individuals with a variety of experience, but no particular expertise. Opinions of board members have not always been uniform, yet our decisions have always been reached by consensus. GABP has always tried to present a balanced approach to land use planning in Grey County, with the intent to protect our future social, environmental, and economic health.

Since 1990, GABP has had seven presidents: Peggy Hutchison, Grant Preston, Peter Ferguson, Marion Taylor, Judy Gaye, Anna Scott, and Bill Celhoffer. We have had numerous board members. Our original 20 member board was reduced when Grey amalgamated into nine municipalities. The Board meets between 4 and 12 times a year, usually in Markdale (the approximate centre of the county). for the continuing strength of the our organization, we are seeking new board members, either from our own membership, or through suggestion from our membership. If you can volunteer yourself, or  have  suggestion, please call Peggy, chair of the Nominating Committee, at 519-922-2033. The 20th Annual General Meeting will be  held May 1, 2010 at 1:15 at the Shallow Lake United Church Fellowship Hall.

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