Friday, July 9, 2010

MAQ Aggregates

On June 1, 2010, GABP directors, Peggy Hutchison, Chris Kirby, Mike Kirby and Cathy Little attended an OMB pre-hearing to hear the appeal of M.A.Q. Aggregates Inc. Peggy requested and was granted party status for GABP.

In 2006, M.A.Q. Aggregates Inc. (MAQ) applied under the Aggregate Resources Act for a license to extract material from below the water table on 40 ha located on Part Lots 20, 21, 22, Concession A in the former Township of Osprey, now part of the Municipality of Grey Highlands. (See location on the Grey County map on the sidebar.)
MAQ has appealed to the OMB against the failure of the Council of the County of Grey and the Council of the Municipality of Grey Highlands to make a decision to amend the official plans and to re-designate and rezone the subject lands.

Presiding OMB member, C. Hefferon granted party and participant status to a number of groups and individuals. He ordered that all reports, plans and reviews for the MAQ application be made available on the County of Grey and Municipality of Grey Highlands websites. Parties and participants were to provide David White, the lawyer for MAQ, with their issues lists by Friday, July 9, which he would compile and distribute before the next pre-hearing scheduled for July 20, 2010 at the new Markdale Arena.

To see a report of the June 1 pre-hearing, including a party and participant list, visit

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