Friday, January 28, 2011

The Beaver Valley Village Subdivision Proposal

GABP has been made aware of a 45-lot subdivision proposal in Grey Highlands that has local property owners and the Beaver Valley Ratepayers Association (BVRA) very concerned. The Beaver Valley Village, planned for the top of the escarpment near the Beaver Valley Ski Club, is to be serviced with individual wells and septic systems.

Although a hydrogeology study and a karst evaluation have been done for the site, peer reviewers retained by the Municipality and the County, are not convinced that the area can support the proposal on private services. The Ministry of the Environment also, is critical of the density of the proposal on individual services, in an area where problems with well-water quantity and quality are well-known. Many residents, already familiar with well-water shortages, dry wells, turbid and contaminated drinking water, are worried about the cumulative negative impact to area groundwater from increasing development pressure in the area.
The BVRA has been monitoring the proposal since 2008 and have expressed to Grey Highlands Council, on many occasions, the three major concerns: uncertain knowledge of the local groundwater, the risk of cumulative negative impact and density. Nevertheless, Grey Highlands Council is currently considering a planning report recommending conditional draft plan approval. The BVRA is critical of the report, saying it does not follow the recommendations of the peer reviewers, ignores the MOE and does not consider cumulative impact. The Grey Highlands decision will be forwarded to the County who is the approval authority.

Recently at a special meeting of the BVRA membership, the executive got the green light to continue its efforts and to expect fund-raising support if necessary. GABP is continuing to follow this development with interest.

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