Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grey Highlands Water Wastewater Servicing Master Plan

Municipal services for the Beaver Valley? That is the vision of Mayor Wayne Fitzgerald and the Council of Grey Highlands. It is just one phase of a grand plan to pipe water to the Beaver Valley Ski Club recreation area, Flesherton, Eugenia and the lower valley and take waste from these locations to one of the three existing treatment facilities. Grey Highlands Council has approved the expenditure of $96 800 to proceed with the Regional Water and Wastewater Systems Plan which includes a Class B Environmental Assessment. 

For more information see the  Grey Highlands Public Utility Report and the Genivar budget and timeline of the assessment and master plan. 

On Tuesday, June 28 Grey Highlands Council held a public meeting to outline the rationale and the process of the Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan. Ross Slaughter, engineer with Genivar made a powerpoint presentation which was followed by questions from the audience. There will be at least two more public meetings during this preliminary phase of the project. 

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