Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MAQ OMB Schedule

This much we know so far:

Wed. Oct. 5: Grey Matters - Daryl Cowell, karst expert
Thurs. Oct. 6: Not in session
Friday, Oct. 7: Grey Matters - Andy Sorensen, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority

Tuesday, Oct. 11: Grey Matters - Bob Bowles, naturalist
Wednesday, Oct. 12: Cross Examination
Thursday, Oct. 13: Not in session
Friday, Oct. 14: Grey Matters - Cross examination: Daryl Cowell, karst expert

Monday, Oct. 17: Participant's statements
Tuesday, Oct. 18: Participant's statements

Monday, October 3, 2011

MAQ OMB Hearing News

The OMB hearing into the MAQ Quarry application resumes Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 10 am at the Osprey Community Centre in Feversham. Last week the Board heard the evidence of hydrogeologist, Wilf Ruland, a witness for Grey Matters. Mr. Ruland made a strong case that an incomplete and inaccurate assessment of groundwater in the Provincially Significant Wetland - the Rob Roy Complex, has led to a series of miscalculations and an underestimation of the negative impacts of quarrying on the MAQ property. The consequent mitigation measures, outlined in the proposed Adaptive Management Plan, are therefore basically flawed and do not provide for adequate wetland and groundwater protection, in his opinion.

According to Mr. Ruland, the lack of understanding of groundwater can be partially attributed to an incomplete knowledge of the karstic conditions on site. Beyond a visual inventory of several springs and sinkholes on the subject property, an investigation into the direction and volume of underground karstic flow has not been done. Whether water impacted by quarrying runs into the Beaver River, the Pretty River or nearby wells is anybody's guess at this point. Mr. Daryl Cowell, karst expert for Grey Matters, will begin presenting his evidence on Tuesday.

Hearings are open to the public. Come for a few hours or longer to show support for the positions of GABP and Grey Matters; you will definitely learn something about the planning process and the science underlying the issue of aggregate extraction. Future dates, times and witnesses TBA. Stay tuned.

For more information about the MAQ Quarry application, click the MAQ label in the right sidebar of this site. Also check out the Grey Matters website.