Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation Participant Statement

On Monday, October 17, Don Kerr skillfully presented the objections of the BMWTF to the proposed MAQ quarry at the OMB hearing. They oppose the quarry because:
  1. The hydrogeology and hydrology have not been adequately investigated. The ecosystem of this site extends into the Niagara Escarpment Plan area.
  2. Even if the AMP (Adaptive Management Plan) is fixed, MNR has insufficient resources to analyze and enforce it.
  3. The totally inadequate setbacks from the wetlands  will seriously threaten wildlife. The insufficient setback from the Heart’s Tongue Fern will threaten at least some of the colony.
  4. The likelihood of changes in the water levels within the Rob Roy Wetland Complex is too great for long term survival of this valuable habitat.
  5. The habitat of the threatened Bobolink will be impacted negatively.
  6.  The quarry application will cause serious loss of biodiversity.
  7. The precautionary principle has not been applied.
  8. The application is not consistent with the PPS.
The BMWTF submission is thoroughly researched and convincing, drawing support from the Provincial Policy Statement and the Natural Heritage Reference Manual. It is well worth reading in its entirety, however feel free to skip the preamble and start right in at  Our Interest in the Matter.

MAQ OMB Recessed

No more sessions until November 8 at 10 pm.