Thursday, March 14, 2013

Opting for a development win-win-win

A Special GABP Presentation

Following this year's GABP AGM on April 13, 2013, at the Markdale Complex, planner Andrew Martschenko, will provide GABP members, local planners and municipal leaders and members of other Grey County community groups involved with agriculture, the environment and land-use planning, with insight into a new approach to development.

There is a growing awareness and acceptance in governments, community groups and planners that loss of agricultural land and fragmentation of the landscape, caused mainly by sprawling housing development on the urban fringe and in scattered rural environments, has serious negative impacts on the cost of delivering municipal and other government services, on agricultural economics and on species habitat destruction.

Conservation Subdivision Design and its cousin Traditional Neighbourhood Development have emerged as relatively new planning concepts that are being used to better manage land use. Concepts espoused by this movement allow sustainable development while protecting an area's natural environmental features in perpetuity, including preserving open space landscape and vista, protecting farmland or natural habitats for wildlife, while also maintaining the character of rural communities. Management and ownership of CS/TNDs are often formed by the partnership among private land owners, land-use conservation organizations and local governments. Equally important, CSD and TND enable densities permitted within Official Plans and Zoning By-laws to be preserved.

Andrew is the Principal of Parataxis, a Toronto based firm specializing in the craft of traditional residential design. Andrew had done numerous residential projects of various scales in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. Andrew is also the Design Partner in Town Founders Group Inc., a firm specializing in the search for, design and development of sites as Traditional Neighbourhood Development partner or consultant, and he will be drawing upon this experience to illustrated TND and CSD concepts and how they might be incorporated into Grey County's Smart Growth initiatives.

For more information on Andrew Martschenko, Parataxis and Traditional Neighbourhood Development see his website.

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